Mini:$1.25 each ($18.00 per dozen)

Regular :  $2.25 each ($27.00 per dozen)

Bakers Cup: $3.00 each ($36.00 per dozen)

House Cupcake Flavors

Chocolate Vanilla with Chocolate Chips, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Keylime

Mini:  $2.00 each ($24.00 per dozen)

Regular: $3.00 each ($36.00 per dozen)

Bakers Cup $3.75 each ($45.00 per dozen)

Specialty Cupcake Flavors

Strawberry (in season), Rum, Nutella, Oreo, Carrot

Available Icings: Please feel free to mix and match the icings (one icing flavor per dozen)

Cream Cheese, Chocolate Buttercream, Cookies N Cream, Keylime Cream Cheese, Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Buttercream, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Nutella Buttercream

Flavors are subject to change according to season and ingredient availability.

NOTE:   We are NOT A NUT-FREE FACILITY. We take special care to make any batter that will contain nut products separately from our other flavors.  If you are worried about contamination, and are very allergic to nuts, please do not take a chance. Also, our cupcakes have dairy products (including eggs), flour and our frosting has food coloring.